Friday, June 01, 2007

let's pick cherries

well actually i dunno why i am posting anything here other than to add "juin 2007" to my archive list on the right - super boliao i know - think it arises from just coming back from a camp where there was so much to do practically all the time and then now finding myself back at home and with relatively nothing much to do (i could pack my stuff though, but i shall continue to procrastinate for that one).

So - LPC - a camp which all of maybe two or so weeks ago i was content on not attending, wanting to continue my streak of never having attended a single one before, but, owing to rather recent developments, i really had to attend at the end of the day. Furthermore, i'd be attending it not as an ordinary camper per se, but rather as one with a relatively active role to play. But, you know, quite like so many things that i'm initially unenthusiastic about but somehow the Lord wills it that i have to go for, i'm glad that i did end up at LPC, even if it means breaking my streak (and i'm one for nonsense streaks like that).

One cool thing about the camp was how it formed yet another step in my journey of getting reacquainted with VCF as a whole - think i've gone on ad libitum about being sorely out of touch with CF as a whole since coming back from exchange, which was inevitable really... And the past couple of weeks or so have served to exponentially (side note: methinks it was only this year that i realized that the word is 'exponential' and not 'expotential' - just imagine the number of essays in my student career where i may have been marked down cos of spelling errors owing to this...) increase my appreciation of the inherent dynamism and diversity of the corporate CF body, which is really in a sense a microcosm of the situation of the global body of Christ. And i guess being placed in a position when one has to try and help to convey a sense of this to others only served to bolster this appreciation...

So when thinking back on all this i really do see the Lord's hand working in this area - that the initial out-of-touchness with VCF that i experienced upon coming back still served a purpose in eventually helping me to better appreciate the united diversity of the ministry that He has blessed us with in VCF. To meet people from all over, hearing their own sharings on their respective ministries and therefore observing the differences between groups, yet still recognizing how we all serve the same God - fwah - that really blows my mind...

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maicie said...

let's pick cherries = lpc??
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